ARAY KO, GALING KO Campaign of Alaxan FR

This year, Alaxan FR, countries leading pain reliever, launched their campaign, “Aray Ko, Galing Ko.”    We would often see Pacquiao in TV, doing what he did best, training, working his way to to becoming the world’s best pound-for-pound fighter.   After winning an unprecedented, first boxer to achieve 8 world titles in as many division, he again put Filipinos to global map.   Proving again and again that we, Filipinos are determined to reach our dreams, even surmounting  different pains, physically and emotionally.

Pacquiao, as the icon of Alaxan, a symbol of triumph, built upon pain and struggles have been an inspiration to true Filipino heroes.

Well, I can’t help it, I can’t wait for “Pacman” to show up, good thing I brought along a friend who knows the man in every sense.  AS we wait for the moment- seeing Pacman after winning over Antonio Margarito- we talked about the man, how he made a global mark.   According to Turbhogs (Avatar name from Pacquiao, went to Manila at age 14.   He used to sell cigarrettes and pan de sal to help his mother and siblings.   But since it was not enough he  started boxing and made the Philippine national amateur boxing team where his room and board were paid for by the government support all her children.     As he made his mark, he needed to defeat not his foe but his pains, just like any Filipino worker, striving hard for the family and for the country.

No other event befitting the task, than what Alaxan FR, in partnersip with SM MOA, SM Cares-Global Pinoy Program did to salute the Filipinos’ workmanship, hardship while enduring physical pains and other significant sacrifices.   As a mom to four kids, a daughter to OFWS, a business owner and a former Pre-school teacher, I felt I have been a part of the people being paid tribute to.   Indeed, I was treated so well.   Being able to watch the program “Aray sa Tagumpay” which Suzie Entrata hosted.

Hand-shaking the awardee for the ” Search for the Toughest Jobs, Philippines, Reynaldo Lachica.

Watching the country’s top performers such as Cookie Chua,  XB Gensan Dancers, Bugoy Drilon, Nyoy Volante, Jed Madela, Ballet Philippines and rock band Pedicab, really made my night, but still waiting for Pacman to show up.

The highlight of the program is the unveiling of the the “Aray Ko, Galing Ko” art installation at the Seaside Blvd., painstakingly made by Fred Baldemor.

Still waiting for Pacman, a lot of people awaits as well, the program is almost ending, GMA  Network is airing and Drew is reporting, while fireworks display is at the background, but no Manny Pacquiao!

Good thing Bamboo bedazzled us and gave everyone a ten-song concert! What a way to see the final stage!


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