How many times do we say the word take care -“INGAT’- or hear it?  A few maybe, but that word made a National impact…

Saying “Ingat” is not actually part of the Philippine culture, we grew up in a community of violations, accidents, even violence.   Somehow, it may mean that we need to be aware of the hazards we might encounter, a warning to ward us of accidents.   But now, people would use it as an endearment, and show concern to someone you love or just someone you know.

How would you feel if you’d receive a text saying take care, you’d feel great.   Wouldn’t  you want your loved ones  and your friends to stay safe, even at the most peculiar situations?   That is the objective of the coalition made up of

Aside from adopting safety habits, health plays an integral part in preventing accidents as well. According to a research study, 85% of drivers agree that not feeling well makes driving more difficult. [1] Drivers also identified headache, fever, and pain as the most common ailments they experience when they say they aren’t feeling well.

If you think headaches are no big deal, think again. The Headache Simulator Challenge at the event shows guests that having a headache while trying to accomplish even simple tasks such as puzzles and games can affect the speed and quality of how they process information, leading them to make mistakes.

“The collaboration of organizations from the public and private sector proves that the issue of safety is everyone’s concern,” states Nikki Godino of Biogesic. “According to research, 8 out of 10 road accidents are caused by human error.[1] This means that 80% of road accidents could have been avoided if only people were more careful. I believe that the first step towards a safer Philippines is for everyone to make safety a personal responsibility. The Pledge Event hinges on the rationale that by being witnesses to each other’s pledge to live a safe life, we are bound to each other to fulfill that promise everyday. ”

Ingat Pilipinas advocacy, was launch last October, for this purpose,  turn the Philippines into a safe and effective nation.

“Over 20,000 road accidents occurred last year,” says Col. Edwin Butacan of the PNP-HPG. “I believe that the projects of the advocacy such as the safety awareness campaign and the training among drivers will help prevent accidents. After all, 80% of road accidents are due to human error [1] and can thus be prevented as we become more conscious of our part in making our roads more safe.”

The Ingat Pilipinas Pledge Event makes learning about road safety fun, easy and exciting with games such as “Match ‘Em Up.” Participants will be asked to match a road sign with its correct meaning. Another game is “Spot the Hazards,” wherein participants are given an image and in it, they have to identify the potential dangers of that particular scenario.

Attendees not only were able to write pledges on a wall but also swore for a more safer environment together with the endorser John Lloyd Cruz, sports newscaster, Patricia Bermudez, Mike Enriquez of GMA Network, and the coalition!

Even had mine set on the wall.

Regine Tolentino even graced the event.

Being a part of an event as sugnifacant as this,  to bring awareness to our fellow country men that we can do something to help our nation stay safe, makes me proud to be an Ingat Filipino!



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