Nike AW77 Hoodie and Chicosci

December 1, 2010, Manila – Nike launched the remastered iconic Sportswear classic AW77 hoodie in a recent event held at the Nike Store, The Fort, with Nike award-winning band Chicosci. This season, the limited edition AW77 comes in 21 different colorways to inspire the youth to break the mould and create their own tailored look.

Donning the AW77s in their latest music video “What’s Your Poison?,”  Chicosci embodies what the hoodie is all about – iconic, edgy and a personality of its own. The five-piece band composed of Miggy Chavez, Mong Alcaraz, Calde Calderon, Macoy Estacio and Ariel Lumanlan, performed their latest hits from their fifth album “Fly Black Hearts.”

“Spanning more than 10 years in the music industry, we have witnessed how Chicosci has evolved into a music icon of its own. Similarly, Nike Sportswear continues to innovate classic pieces without deviating from its trademark Sportswear silhouette that never drops out of style,” said Mae Dichupa, Nike Philippines Country Marketing Manager. “The AW77 is part of the Holiday 2010 collection and draws from Nike’s heritage in running. This limited edition hoodie brings out the elements of innovation and style to create an unrivalled collection.”

“We sweat the details,” as Nike iterates…

AW77, is a limited edition jacket , available only for this season. Nike Sportswear have readopted the original proportions, and modernized them. The challenge to the Nike design team was to continue to innovate a classic silhouette. The result is a graphic story of the Athletics West that is told throughout the collection in a French Terry fabric for an ultra-soft, athletic feel that is environmentally preferred. It is available in a full front zipper that allows for easy on and off and ventilation. And you personalize your AW77 with a choice of 21 colorways.

THE HOOD: Fully lined multi-panel scuba hood with drawstring that, zips to your chin for 3.5 extra inches of shield for your neck. A customized fit and a classic hoodie style.

THE FABRIC: Body: 100%-organic cotton, single knit French terry fabric for an ultra-soft, athletic feel that is environmentally preferred. Ribbing: Stretch double-knit, cotton waist and wrist cuffs are ribbed for a snug, comfortable fit.

THE COMFORT: Takes the punishment of daily life and then comes back for more. Kangaroo pocket provides ample, easily accessible storage and warmth for your hands. Long sleeves for warmth and coverage.

THE DETAILS: Built to last with the finest components, AW77 is marked with an embroidered Nike Sportswear logo on the left chest for easy product identification and subtle style.

The AW77 is exclusively available at Nike Park The Fort for this season only. It retails at P4,295. For more information on the AW77 hoodie, log on to

My thoughts, as a melodramatic momma:

I am not a fan of Chicosci, my 12-year old daughter is.   Though I can not say I would not like to have the limited edition AW77  hoodie, and Iv’e asked my daughter if she would like to have one (not mentioning the price), she doesn’t care.   For her it is just an ordinary jacket but with more attitude, and a lot of colors and mixes to choose from.

Being able to give ear to one of the countries famous band, hehehe among the youth, I got a bit of a clue on how Nike would want to sound, invibing,  loud,  and high spirited.  My daughter have actually integrated their song, “Last Look,” when she saw the jackets, like the song says, with just one look, you are already contented.  These courteous, humble and sweet looking guys sings out-loudly.  But knowing their music have evolved through time ( linking them to the stage my daughter , niece and nephew had with Emo nonsense) somehow it came to me that an awful stage has hope of redemption as long as family and friends support them.

Going back to the hoodie, for me it is an eye-candy, hopefully it would also serve its purpose not only as a fashion item, but that would give warm and comfort.

Having to be in a display-case like that of Nike Park, and connecting to the people, music and program, make sense!

More pictures from the event:



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