A day in a life a full-time mom

December 16, 2010

It has been a year or so, since I’ve gotten to have the zest in life I lost when a dreadful disaster shook our home.   It is almost 2 am, and I don’t want to go to sleep, cause i might wake up, back to the morose me.   Anyway, I am still blogging cause I am so happy, I step by step, do all my friends’, kids’ and hubby’s request!

Not only did it keep me busy, kept my mind off all those that slowed me down, it made my creative juices once again spurred into action.

So here goes my day…

I woke up at 6 am to check on my two HS kids going to school,  then, got my third child’s glucose reading and insulin shot, but had my husband bathe her.   Then prepared breakfast, while checking up on our water station which had just opened, then wrapped my youngest daughter’s gift for her classmate and teacher, while having breakfast.

At about 9 am, my youngest woke up and had her drink milk and sent her off to shower, well to prepare to go to  their school’s Christmas party.   We almost got stuck in traffic, by the way, but managed to get at Jollibee Blue Wave.

Stopped by at SM Hypermart to buy measuring cups.   Headed home at 12:30, and what a shocker, know from a cellphone call that my diabetic daughter was still at school waiting to be fetched, at this time she should be taking her lunch or she might get hypoglycemia.

What was so funny, yet endearing, was that all my four employees were clamoring about my daughter’s situation.   The sidecar boy who should have fetched her assigned his duty to someone who doesn’t know where Dana was schooling…Well to cut the story short, we fetched our daughter ourselves and we got home in time to let them know that we have Dana, before they’ve even done more mistakes.  Manned the water station for a while since my staff needs to take lunch breaks.

After my staff had lunch, I baked brownies and chocolate cupcakes for my kids party, while watching my favorite show GLEE in Season Two.   When that was done I had to rest, did a little internet surfing and “face-booking,” and get ready for a date with my hubby at IMAX SM Mall of Asia, to watch Tron: The Legacy in 3D.

Met with friends, enjoyed sampling of pizza and enjoyed the most exciting movie ever, of course with popcorn and Coke.  Speacial thanks to SM Mall of Asia for the invite of the first screening of Tron: The  Legacy, we were able to experience and IMAX 3D movie for free.

Yes, oh yes, we didn’t eat dinner, so next stop, try out a new Resto.   Wel,l new means we haven’t tried it yet, though.   Guess wha, t we could find an apt place to savor the night and the company, but we went to Bacolod Chicken instead, since it was almost closing time.

Nope, the night is not going to end there, I still had to blog the Imax event and finish off my Dana’s party hat  for her Christmas fellowship.

Oh no, it is already 3 am, December 17, I need to be up at 5 to cook my son’s favor, Baked Macaroni, yup, for their school’s Christmas party!

You see, I have four kids, yes four, they are in two batches, as their father pitched unto them, two are in highschool, a grade one and a pre-schooler.

Hard it may seem, but this is what the Lord had blessed and entrusted me…might as well be the best mom for them… waahh, sleepy….pictures tomorrow, oh later……zzzzzzzzz….


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