Tron Legacy, First Screened at SM MOA IMAX Theaters

The experience was spectacular, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before! To be honest, not only was I naive about the movie TRON but it was my first time to be in an IMAX cinema.   Many thanks to SM for this.  I  have been a constant movie goer at SM MOA, but have never really opt to going to IMAX.   New  IMAX movies will be a good addition to our entertainment!

I dearly love SM’s Director’s Club Cinemas, but I say IMAX is  so far better.  Since the screen is huge and the seats are arranged so differently, even if the one infront of you is standing he won’t block what you are watching.   The only way is to stare at the wall and just have your eyes pop all over the place.   Watching a 3D movie is a bit bizaare…technology makes you wonder.

According to SM, IMAX  3D delivers the world’s most immersive 3D movie experience ever created. Images in IMAX 3D seem to leap off the screen and into your lap!   The key to an immersive experience is to remove the clues that you are watching a movie.  In an IMAX Theatre, the projected images extend beyond your prime viewing area, creating the illusion that the screen’s boundaries have disappeared. This effect is unique to IMAX because of IMAX’s customized theatre geometry.

My family is a movie lover and a couch potato, that was why a year ago my husband invested on a 32 ” LCD TV with an entertainment syatem and we love the surround sound system, however , IMAX’s powerful audio system delivers laser-aligned digital sound that envelops you since it is in a theater, sound seems so real, as if being captivated by each scene.

I didn’t actually find any information anyhow about TRON, it was indeed a curiosity-feeding one.

Need to add that SM was the first to screen Disneyland’s TRON LEGACY, even earlier than that of the US.  Simultaneous screening all over the world started December 17, 2010.  So don’t mutter if they ask you to surrender your mobiles, cameras and other gadgets to protect the rights of the producers.

I do recommend that everyone watch this movie, it’s going to be a ” sci-fireffic” event.

For TRON LEGACY schedules, just click on the link:

or visit their website for more info:


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