Starbucks Drivethrough at The Fort

A gloomy Sunday afternoon, the longest nap I had since centuries… After a very exhausting week  full of Christmas parties and every single details  that goes with it, it ended with a lovely coffee groupy at Starbucks Drive-through, The Fort.

A good cup of  blended frap, Praline Mocha,  a slice of Cookie dough Cheesecake, a cozy place, and a lovely company of friends.

Starbucks made a brilliant idea of putting up a new place situated were it can easily be found, has parking lots that near, not in a very busy street, a modern building with very chic interior design.

To add, the two-story building has lots of sitting available, at least three sofa sets inside and one outside.   A good place to hold group discussions, big capacity get-together and with free wi-fi access.  It is neat St. Lukes, a home depot, and is adjacent to Bonifacio High Streets.

The baristas, as always, are very welcoming, they do accept reservations, but not on their busiest time though, but it is better to inform them ahead.

And at last I had a sticker for their limited edition Starbucks Coffee 2011 Planner, mind you a friend of mine is almost filled!

Our group even had an exchange gift.  It was really a memorable one!

Thanks to my friends who came, Julie, Maricel and Leira!

It was all a pleasure hearing about your life and hope we do this again…


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