Little Fockers at SM Cinemas

With  busy people like me, a laugh or two would ease some life’s pressures.   Having a  lot of responsibilities, such as business, friends, church, kids and marriage it would be really nice to loosen things up especially experiencing a SM Director’s Club Treatment at Mall of Asia ,and yet get a different perspective about issues in life, just like the characters  in this new movie brought to us by SM Cinema.   Thanks to SM Cinema for giving  us opportunities to unwind in a  shabby  and relaxing environment having to watch fun movies while having your feet up on a cozy Lazy boy arm-chair and hosting   movies such as these. Though it is not advisable for children to watch (just a word from a very precocious mom like me).

Little Fockers, a sequel to both Meet the Parents (2000) and Meet the Fockers (2004), a family oriented American movie highlighting in-laws relationships, with the famous character Gaylord Focker  also known as “Greg” (Ben Stiller) and Jack Byrnes (Robert de Niro).   This time the Fockers have 5 years-old twins, fraternal that is, just that the boy is smaller than the girl and according to the movie has a lot more Focker genes than Byrnes…you figure that out!

The sequels get wackier and wackier.  More issues on marriage, issues on children growing up and their future, and some “fixation” problems are shown here.

For me , they should have given the title “The Godfockers” instead, since more of Greg and the situations he has been involved with were shown, but i bet it would be very controversial just announcing the title.   A good rendition to Greg vs. Jack saga (for those who have seen the previous movies, you know what I’m talking about).   But this time Jack tries to find his successor as a Byrnes-Focker patriarch.    Not much of the twin Fockers were seen on the movie though a few precious scenes might have been proved useful to justify the movie title.   For one, is the fuzz about the up-coming birthday party of  Greg and Pam’s (played by Teri Polo) children.

Oh and be sure to stay for the credits to see an uploaded You Tube  video of Jack at a doctor’s conference. It’s hilarious  and well worth sticking around for.  It may somehow be a bit offensive.

Will sure be another blockbuster from Paramount Pictures!

So  catch this movie at all SM  Cinemas nationwide.   To get updates on what’s in and when on SM Cinemas, you may visit  You may also buy tickets at the same link, just log in  or register.


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