Woohoo! Now’s My Chance

I’ve been really planning on getting and paying for my own website or domain or whatever word they have for it, but I’m considering first on how much and how I can get one, of course with less hassles.   Till I came upon an add at my Facebook page

Inspecting the page, I realized that it is better having my own and   reading the points they have included, which I copied by the way, made me thanked God I checked out the add.

So according to WP WebHost, here are some advantages of a self-hosted WordPress blog which make it better than a free blog.

  • You can customize your blog’s design with own premium themes.
  • You can enrich your blog’s features with thousands of free third party plugins.
  • Your own your blog content and backup is available.
  • You are free to put advertisements on your blog.
  • You can enhance your blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization) easily with plugins

And here is the best part . . . I can  win a WordPress compatible hosting plan worth $30 from WPWebHost  to host my  blog, with free domain name provided with  1GB space | 5GB/mo bandwidth !

Wouldn’t that be great!

So friends and relatives, wherever you may be, I need your support now, hehehe, I need to earn 7 lovely comments, just seven and I will be on my way blogging my life to leisure and success!

Many thanks with all sincerity, and prayers fly for you!

Mommy Joy


14 responses to “Woohoo! Now’s My Chance

  1. Hi! I found your post while searching for other bloggers who are joining the WP Webhost promo. Here’s leaving a comment and wishing you good luck on the promo. ^_^

    I also need help with comments on my post because I joined the promo too. I hope some kind souls could help me from here. ^_^ (And promise, I’ll leave comments on your posts too.)

    My Entry for WP Webhost

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