Look & Feel Great Event @ Ayala Malls

Did you know that Health Makes Wealth?


Health is wealth states the old saying. Indeed, a proper well-being is one of the most precious possessions we can have in this world. It is a treasure we should always remember to protect and take good care of. There’s no argument here and I know you fully understand my point. In fact, even plain common sense would rightly agree.


However, it’s quite ironic that some of us don’t really give this adage much weight in our lives. I have friends who overwork themselves in the office. Some of them drink beer as if it’s water. I even know people who had never broken sweat over exercise for the longest time.


Health is not only wealth; health also makes wealth.

  • Physical health is the foundation. It allows us to work efficiently. It is the kinetic energy that gives us power to do our tasks and achieve our goals.
  • Emotional health are the columns. It supports our enthusiasm to work. It is the positive energy that keeps us motivated and helps us overcome failures.
  • Mental health makes the roof. It shelters the problem solving and decision making skills that optimize our work. It is the creative energy that allows us to see opportunities and leverage our resources.
  • Spiritual health forms the wall. It keeps the purpose why we work. It is the light energy that gives sense to our actions and meaning to our life.

Together, they form a house that becomes the home of your wealth and your dreams. So make your life healthy!

Source: http://fitzvillafuerte.com/health-makes-wealth.html

Ex-Link Events, maker of quality and significant promotion events and tradeshows, proudly launch this year’s  “Look and Feel Great Expo- A Beauty, Diet and Wellness Event” that will be slated on a set exhibit at AYALA MALLS.


More than just  physical, the beauty, diet and wellness industry is now  one of the emerging industries in the country, not just a fad, but because everyone ,  including men of all ages need to have a basic know- how on how to live a healthy lifestyle in a fast-paced society.


The said event aims to inspire and encourage individuals to embrace a life of health, wellness, fitness, environmental and green living through awareness of natural, organic and alternative products and solutions, advanced medicine research, education, nutrition, exercise and lifelong benefits of living a green, clean and healthy lifestyle.

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