World of Feng Shui (WOFS) Philippines by Marites Allen

WOFS Philippines is a boutique chain franchise of the World of Feng Shui Malaysia, a publicly listed investment holding company engaged in New Economy-related businesses. As the popularity of feng shui grows, there has been an ever-increasing demand for feng shui products of all kinds: luck and wealth enhancers, feng shui cures, love activators, protective and auspicious symbols, generalized and specialized books. The WOFS boutique brings all these products under one roof to create a unique shopping experience for everyone curious, passionate or simply interested in applying feng shui for their homes and offices.

It was Marites Allen who brought WOFS  here in the Phlippines.  esteemed as Philippines’ Feng Shui Queen, she has dedicated herself to feng shui practice and well-recognized by her contributions to raising local awareness on its merits.    She has written books, conducted seminars for top corporations, graced numerous television and radio programs, been written about in various publications, hosted her own television show, and teamed up with a telecommunications group in providing astrological readings and advice through  SMS-based service. Her official website,, has logged over 175,000 hits to date from visitors who eagerly follow her activities and read about her insights.   The likes of Kris Aquino, Ruffa Guttierez, Ben Chan,  Rita Avila are just amongst the many who have asked for her advise in various fields.

Her mastery of the art of Feng Shui came after years of training and mentorship from various masters in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and China. She is highly skilled in different schools of Feng Shui, including Eight Aspirations Theory, Eight Mansions, Flying Star Astrology, Four Pillars of Destiny, Auspicious Date Selection, Advanced Landform Studies and in Unleashing The Dragon’s White Magic. Marites is a member of the prestigious Feng Shui Societies of London, Singapore and the World of Feng Shui Malaysia. A frequent traveler, she shuttles between her home base in the UK and the Philippines to fulfill her various activities as a feng shui professional. Her latest travels included pilgrimage trips Dharamsala, India and Nepal to meet His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama and to Myanmar for an audience with His Holiness Choden Rinpoche.

Ms. Allen has an MBA from the Ateneo Professional School and is the President and CEO of World of Feng Shui (WOFS) Philippines, the merchandising arm of her geomancy practice. WOFS is the organizer of the Marites Allen Feng Shui Updates, a very popular annual event for feng shui aficionados.  Once a year she conducts free public talks through mall tours to spread the benefits of feng shui to a wider audience. If she is not traveling, she can be expected to be working with top entrepreneurs on huge projects. She is currently consulting with a group that will build the first and largest casino and entertainment park and property cluster in the country.

As a feng shui expert, she provides valuable insights into the various applications of feng shui to achieve success in personal and business pursuits. Her consulting services include review and analysis of homes and businesses for feng shui compliance, selection of auspicious dates for special occasions, and personal life analysis, among other things.

With all the nuances of success in her chosen field and in business, Ms. Allen considers her happy marriage to an international British executive and raising four lovely children as her true crowning glory. It is this consideration of family as her top priority that led to her family’s recent move to Oxford, United Kingdom in pursuit of the best education opportunities for the four Allen children. An excellent multi-tasker, she still maintains a home in the Philippines and continues her feng shui consultations for WOFS Philippines.

For consultation inquiries, you may call Marites at +639209509390, or visit WOFS Boutiques (Philippines) at, or follow her on Twitter and Facebook (Marites Allen).

WOFS products are sourced from around the world to ensure the best quality at reasonable prices. Manufacturers from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia are tapped for authentic feng shui symbols and exciting new products are constantly developed in consultation with Ms. Lillian Too, the world’s largest-selling author on feng shui. WOFS boutiques are designed and managed to provide the highest level of customer service. All products displayed are carefully captioned to describe why and how they should be used and where to place them. All its employees are equipped with good product knowledge and the expertise to answer questions and give basic feng shui advice.

WOFS boutiques are located at The Podium Mall  (470 7598), Serendra (909 7088), Glorietta IV (818 8858), Mall of Asia (556 0615), SM Megamall (470 7661), and SM North EDSA (442 0113).



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