PLDT and Intel Philippines Showcase a New Era in Computing


The country’s leading telecommunications company Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) and world leader in computing innovation Intel Philippines announced today that the two companies are teaming up to promote high-speed performance and connectivity with the launch of the new Intel Ultrabook and WiFi Zone* powered by PLDT. The partnership will combine Intel’s leadership in processor technology and computing innovation with PLDT’s expertise in broadband technology to deliver the no-compromise, complete and satisfying computing experience necessary for increasingly mobile lifestyles.

“Internet growth is driven largely by content, now more so by consumers who exchange photos, videos and tweets wherever they may be,” said Intel Philippines country manager Ricky Banaag. “In this day and age, there is a noticeable increase in the demand for internet access anytime, anywhere. People are now able to access the internet simultaneously across multiple devices, empowering them not just to download data, but to upload and share content as well. Intel’s partnership with PLDT addresses a new era of computing experience that is underway, and ensures that the consumer’s expectations for a secure, mobile and powerful device are met through the Ultrabook.”

The Ultrabook is an emerging new breed of computers that will increasingly combine best-in-class performance, improved responsiveness and battery life, and built-in security in thin, elegant, must-have mobile designs. Intel’s vision for the Ultrabook entails a multi-year, industry-wide endeavor that will roll out in phases where new experiences and features will be added and volume of Ultrabook devices is expected to increase as system prices decrease over time.


With ‘A New Breed of Wow’ campaign, Intel aims to set the Ultrabook apart from mainstream computing devices. Built on a foundation of broad consumer appeal and ecosystem support, the Ultrabook has already gained strong momentum with a total of more than 75 ultra sleek, ultra responsive and secure systems since its conception, giving it the ‘Wow’ factor people look for in a laptop.

PLDT Retail Business Group Head, Dan Ibarra, shares “With PLDT WiFi Zone*, PLDT subscribers can experience the strong connections they have at home, and they never have to miss out on their broadband experience – premium, fast and unlimited.” 

As more digital information travels faster and farther, spanning more people, more devices and more locations, there is a pressing need for reliable, high-speed connectivity. PLDT offers nothing less with its premium WiFi service, PLDT WiFi Zones*, which uses a dedicated line for fast WiFi internet connection. Through the WiFi Zones*, PLDT offers subscribers the same reliable premium myDSL internet experience outside their homes.

With an established base of over 2,500 WiFi Zones up and running all over the Metro, and recent PLDT WiFi Zone* launches in Cebu and Baguio, PLDT’s broadband technology ensures that PLDT subscribers will never have to miss out on their broadband experience outside the comfort of their homes.

Unlimited use of WiFi Zones* will be available all year-round for PLDT myDSL subscribers at a low monthly rate of P150 and P300 for PLDT landline subscribers on top of the monthly service fee. For more information and updates on WiFi Zone* powered by PLDT, log on to

With social media usage and content consumption quickly becoming an indispensible part of people’s daily lives, the collaboration between Intel and PLDT will expand opportunity for continued innovation in these areas, as they work towards increased computing performance and seamless wireless connections.  Image


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