The Multi-faceted Life of a Woman, An Interview


In one way or another we still remember the story of  the of the infamous Q and A of the 1994  Miss Universe beauty pageant.  The final question given to the final contestants is, “What for you is the essence of a woman?”  Probed to be one of the most difficult questions given in a pageantry.  It may be a passe story which have been used a couple of times, which now made me think deeper.   The word  woman,  is far to infinite to really be measured in words.  I agree in the saying that “there is no one way to be a woman.”   Specially in the world that we live in, a modern woman is infinitely changing. 

Women have come a long way – from being a little above slaves to becoming educated citizens of the world to being great pioneers in various fields. If you are a woman and you are reading this, know one thing: that you are necessary.  

But here are some  interesting points from a woman which probably have defined her choices in life, which I can say is not at all passe.

Everyday I meet different people from all walks of life, as customers to my business, as new found friends, business people introducing products and services, and many to even mention here.   Till one day I came upon meeting a lady who now I see as a brilliant person coping in her situations and setting expectations above the ordinary.   She may be a typical mother, a consultant, a manager or a woman thriving hard for the best for her family.  

Quite fascinated, I went on interviewing her and eventually not only did I  learned about her but I discovered new things that we all might benefit at.

Seated comfortably inside Seattle’s Best Coffee in Filinvest, Alabang, sipping cold coffee concoctions, she eagerly told me stories of how she got into her current profession, a lovable mother to three plus plus.   Well it’s actually not giving her the earnings, but the other professions does.   Yes, professions!   She handles far too many left and right side jobs,  but what really kept her was as a Branch Sales Manager at Avida Sales Corp. of  Ayala Land Company.


Before becoming a manager, she was a real estate agent for 7 years, not on the same company though.   Avida provided her trainings and exposure that boosted up her self-esteem and eventually gaining the much needed sales and opportunities.   But before that, she was just a nut inside a shell, swelling up with skills in sales.   When she had this semi-job as a cell-phone retailer, a customer came to her asking many things about different cellphone types.   This same customer had been repetitively visiting the store and asking the same set of inquiries.   Till she noticed that it had been days that this certain customer was bugging her but is not buying, till he finally bought one.   Apparently, this customer was just testing her capabilities to sell, and thus the conversation landed on a sales job offer at a real estate company. 

Opportunities revealing her innate talents have opened up, she even volunteered as an Interior Designer with one of her client’s office in BFAD.

ImageBut behind the grace and mature stature at mid-twenties, is a creative and artistic woman awaiting to be launched into the the frugal world of lifestyle marketing.  Fascinatingly, being a manager doesn’t really put her up, it’s the other profession that she is now eyeing on, which is elemental as she continuously grow.   She is the Co-founder of Events Co. and  the Event Specialist cum  Creative Director of the same company.    This what seemed to define her as the person she shines the most.   She could never hide the fact that she is a “Jill of all trades.”   Being a manager of Avida gives her ample time to work on projects for her other job, however she did mention that organization and calendaring is one important aspect of how she goes about it all.


Apart from sourcing suppliers and clients for her Events Co., she also directs photography for every specific client needs.   If it so happens that a handy make-up artist is not on site, she would definitely be the one who’d say “Maam, let me, I can do it.”   One time, as she recalled, there were no tabletop decorations for a wedding event, seeing the table bare, she had people buy flowers and accessories, designed them fashionably and thus giving guests even more beautiful pieces to talk about.    So out came the Interior designer, Floral arranger, make-up artist, photography director, a sassy online seller of Pre-loved items,  a mom, and with a heart for others.

  Indeed,  if that doesn’t fit a mufti-faceted woman who wears different kinds of hats, I don’t how it’s called.   A Superwoman? 


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